About the Artist

Instead of a sheet of paper, she works with a sheet of metal – 20 gauge steel. As with paper sculpture, Gail creates three-dimensional images from a flat sheet by folding and bending a shape she cuts with either a plasma torch or a pair of tin snips.

“I explore metal’s kinetic movement so pieces can bounce, fly or dance in the breeze. I love the curl as strips of metal become wild hair. I am awed as a turn of a metal head creates an intimate moment between lovers or parent and child”

The organic quality of her pieces transcend the connotations of the medium. Instead of harsh edges, there is line and movement. It is often a wonderful mystery as where the piece begins or ends! Each design weaves into itself creating the whole. Her collection includes works in stainless steel, rusted steel and a variety of colored powder-coated finishes.

For more than 15 years, we have celebrated love, family, success, marriage, and even loss through her sculptures. They decorate both the exceptional and common moments of our lives.

“Beginning with childhood paper dolls, chains, pop-out books and greeting cards, I have been intrigued by paper sculpture. I loved the forms but wanted the works to be more permanent.”

Chavenelle creating

Making "Marriage Dance"